How Mobile Technology Is Changing the Hospitality Industry?

According to Statista, mobile internet user penetration was about 52.7% in 2015. And, as per Nielsen data, a smartphone user spends around 85% of the time on apps. Clearly, mobile technology, powered by the internet and the presence of apps, is a game changing development for various industries with regard to better consumer service and engagement. But, […]


Very often, we come across the term, “Personal Brand” discussed both online and offline. If you have dismissed it as nothing but marketing lingo, up till now, then you’re wrong. Your personal brand is your biggest asset. It’s all about you. It encapsulates your journey as a professional or an entrepreneur. It’s your very essence […]

What The Facebook Data Scandal Means For Content Marketers?

Ok, unless you’ve been living like a hermit off the grid, then you probably would have come across news stories about the major scandal of the year – the one involving Cambridge Analytica and its unlikely partner, Facebook. For those who are not aware of what exactly happened, here’s a quick recap of the, The […]

GDPR – Take a Step Towards GDPR Compliance

The internet is changing breathtakingly the way we handle tasks, communicate every day. We send emails, shop online, order food, pay bills by entering our all personal details without a second thought. Have you ever thought what happens with that information? When you visit any bank, social media websites or any other site where you […]

Top Programming Languages that can be interesting to look for in 2018

  If you’re looking for which language is suitable for you, then you are at a right stop. You may get your answer after reading this blog for choosing the correct programming language in 2018. Many programming languages are best, but the languages in the top 10 are above all. Let us take a practical […]

How to Boost & Grow Your future in SEO? | Is It Good For Career?

There is no question that thousands of people search of their query on the internet. After increasing the usage of internet, most people are connected with business online that shows the visibility importance of websites on the internet. Today I’m going to discuss How to build a Successful Career in SEO and what is the Future scope of […]

Why is it Important to Hire SEO Company?

    Nowadays technology is advanced and everyone are transforming and heading towards digitalization where people are looking for digital marketing or Internet marketing. SEO is one the most important part of digital marketing so that you need to hire best SEO company for your business growth. Before i continue discussion about benefits of hiring SEO company, i […]

Seven Things to Take Care Of While Implementing SEO

  Small business owners usually get to hear a common piece of advice, that they learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and use that knowledge to develop a digital marketing strategy for their business. That advice is based on a simple and undeniable truth – that most people today use the internet to look for goods and […]