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Best-in-Class Cross–Platform App Development for your Needs

We build highly functional and well-defined hybrid applications which are compatible with all the devices and work efficiently on all platforms. Save your time and resources by developing cross-platform applications with our justified methodology.

We work on tools like Sencha Touch, Titanium, and Intel XDK and we also use programming languages such as Ruby, Objective C, HTML5, C++, etc. Building hybrid apps with full control and flexibility. Our team has built the goodwill in IT world by endowing the optimal results according to the customer’s necessity.

Why Opt Cross–Platform Mobile Applications?

Optimize Time

Multiple platform works on same code which reduces development time.

Enhance Audience Reach

Compatible with multiple platform extends reach to wider set of audience.

Cost Effective

Cross-platform applications development are cost effective.

The NineHertz for cross platform app?

The NineHertz is serving its hybrid application development solutions to more than 15 countries. We are offering customer-centric services with a massive experience in hybrid apps. Our team of experts is capable enough to harmonize the power of HTML5 development with the brand-new mobile device frameworks for building exquisite, cromlech and economical hybrid apps on all prime mobile platforms including iOS and Android.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools :

1. Codename One:

This cross-device platform helps in developing industry-based applications. The platform supports rapid application development.

2. PhoneGap:

This open-source platform can make building cross-platform apps a lot easier.

3. Appcelerator: 

This tool makes it possible for coders to create cross-platform apps with speed. The tool deploys a JavaScript codebase. 4.  Sencha Touch: The Sencha Touch platform is an ideal choice for a cross-platform mobile app framework.

5. Monocross:

If you want to build interactive and interesting apps for smartphones and tablets, then Monocross is the framework is for you.